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New test standard increase safety for kids

In Europe the E-standard for testing car seats/child restraints has been criticized for not testing the force the neck of the child is subject to during an impact. Most car accidents involving a child getting injured is caused by the tremendous force to the neck. As you may have heard, the weight of a child’s head compared to the rest of the body and the size of the neck makes them much more vulnerable in accidents.

Therefore, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI, together with the Swedish National Society for Road Safety, NTF has developed an additional standard that tests how force to the neck is handled in accident situations. The standard will be called “Plus test” and will be voluntary as an addition to the European E-standard.

In Sweden there was a previous testing standard for car seats called the T-standard, but it had to be removed due European competition regulations (sounds like “you’re standard is too strict, other European manufacturers can’t enter the market, please lower them”).

In my, (and other people’s) experience, when you look for a car seat, safety is the most important factor. The plus-standard is a welcome addition to the previous tests. Car seats that passed the test will be allowed to use the following sticker on their products:

Plus test standard label for car seats

The plus test has been developed in cooperation between insurance companies, Volvo, the research organizations mentioned above and manufacturers of car seats. More information at the (auto translated) page on ntf.se.

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