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Optimal placement of child restraints to prevent injury

According to Folksam, a Swedish insurance company, there are several benefits to placing a child restraint on the passenger side in the front seat provided that the airbag has been properly disconnected. Crash tests showed a somewhat lower risk of injury in car accidents with frontal impact  when a rearward-facing child car seat was placed in the front seat compared to placing it in the back seat. For side impact collisions the safest spot is in the center position in the back. However, side impact collisions are less common than front impact collisions.

There are other benefits as well:

  • The front seat provides more leg room. This makes it possible to use a rearward-facing car seat for up to a year longer.
  • Less distraction for the driver. A test showed that when placing infants in the back seat drivers were distracted much more often than when placing them in the front seat.

Read more at the Folksam website: Child safety tips (automatically translated from swedish).

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