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Safe school buses focus in new EU funded project

The European Union is funding a research programme on school buses. The aim is to make the school roads of Europe safer. According to the EU statistics 35,000 children are injured on European roads every year and 250 of these children are killed. Crashes involving school buses and crashes involving children traveling from/to school are far from negligible and require further efforts to be drastically reduced.

The project will be tested in four sites in Europe, including North (Sweden), Central (Austria), South (Italy) and Eastern (Poland) Europe; to evaluate their usability, efficiency, user acceptance and market viability; taking into account the very different children’s transportation to/from school systems across the different European regions as well as key cultural and socio-economic aspects.

The project starts 1 of September 2009 and is scheduled to end in August 2012. For more information see the website http://safeway2school.eu/

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