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Bad example of traffic safety for kids

I guess the video says it all. A small child driving a motorcycle without a helmet in heavy traffic In related news: nearly 300 Indians die daily on roads.

Child passenger safety Q&A

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently published a Q&A document about child passenger safety. Given the statistics in the first anser: Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children older than age 2. A total of 1,045 children younger than age 13 died in motor vehicle crashes in 2008; nearly [...]

Safe school buses focus in new EU funded project

The European Union is funding a research programme on school buses. The aim is to make the school roads of Europe safer. According to the EU statistics 35,000 children are injured on European roads every year and 250 of these children are killed. Crashes involving school buses and crashes involving children traveling from/to school are [...]

Kids on mopeds/motorbikes should wear a helmet

Young people all over the world eagerly await the day when they are allowed to ride a moped or light motorcycle. Over the years, fashion seem to have dictated if helmets are “in” or “out”. However, research has shown that helmets greatly reduce the risk of serious head injury when the rider is involved in [...]

What happens in a car crash and how seat-belts work

In order to understand the importance of seat belts and child restraints/car seats for kids I thought a short resumé of the events in a car crash is in order. This information is based on the World Health Organization’s material for people working with traffic policy making.

New test standard increase safety for kids

In Europe the E-standard for testing car seats/child restraints has been criticized for not testing the force the neck of the child is subject to during an impact. Most car accidents involving a child getting injured is caused by the tremendous force to the neck. As you may have heard, the weight of a child’s head compared to the rest of the body and the size of the neck makes them much more vulnerable in accidents.

Test of car seats for kids reveals flaws in several models

Crash tests of car seats performed by the Swedish consumer magazine Råd & Rön in May found large differences between different models and manufacturers. The crash tests were performed in a slightly higher speed than usual (64 km/h instead of 50 km/h, that’s 40 mph instead of 31 for US visitors). Read on to see the result.

Difficult to find seats with ISOFIX mounts?

Over at the Carseatblog there is an interesting article on the need for better cooperation between car manufacturers to standardize on how to fix a child restraint in the car. In the 1980s there were many studies that showed that up to half of all child seats were partially or completely installed in the wrong [...]

Youtube videos recommend rear-facing car seats for kids up to one year of age

If you are interested in traffic safety for kids you may have stubled upon many of the videos dealing with this topic on YouTube. Most of them advocate rear-facing car seats for kids, and this is good. However, many of these videos say that you should have a rear-facing seat at least until the child [...]

Optimal placement of child restraints to prevent injury

According to Folksam, a Swedish insurance company, there are several benefits to placing a child restraint on the passenger side in the front seat provided that the airbag has been properly disconnected. Crash tests showed a somewhat lower risk of injury in car accidents with frontal impact  when a rearward-facing child car seat was placed [...]